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What does Rutherford offer?

Rutherford offers a cost effective and comprehensive range of food techology and consulting SOLUTIONS to give your business the edge on your competitors.

Food Safety Plan Template (FSPT)

HACCP based Food Safety Plans are the accepted model used by the
NSW Food Authority to demonstrate compliance with the regulations.

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This must have ‘off the shelf’ template-based HACCP system can be used immediately, with no extensive training or experience necessary.

What is the FSPT?

The Rutherford Food Safety Plan Template (FSPT) is a complete cost-saving and time-saving solution to your business’ food safety, compliance and recording needs. This essential plan is written in ‘plain English’ and is in an easy to read format.

The Rutherford FSPT includes modifications to suit all food handling operations in your organisation, whilst maintaining the requirements of HACCP.

The Rutherford FSPT is designed to ensure the business meets its requirements under the NSW Food Authority and FSANZ regulations.

Why is the FSPT better than other templates?

There are many reasons why a number of NSW Health Services and Aged Care facilities have used the Rutherford FSPT, including:

  • The FSPT is cost effective and supported by professional, industry experienced food technologists.
  • The FSPT, once completed, is able to be audited by an independent third party. The Rutherford FSPT is regularly and successfully audited by the NSW Food Authority.

  • The simplified design and basic language means a better uptake by staff, which in turn controls food safety hazards and improves quality.

What is included in the FSPT?

The FSPT includes modifications to suit the operations within a Food Service kitchen whilst maintaining the requirements of HACCP. Importantly specific issues associated with Health and Aged Care have been included, such as texture modification, menu management and food allergen controls.

The Rutherford Technical Services FSPT includes the following components:

  • Introduction
  • HACCP Plan
  • Document Control
  • Best Practice
  • Cleaning & Waste Management
  • Pest Control
  • Training
  • Calibration & Maintenance
  • Problem Solutions (Corrective Action)
  • Approved Suppliers
  • Product Traceability & Recall

Importantly the FSPT also contains all the relevant checklists and forms that are a requirement of HACCP and monitoring food safety. You can use them as is, or they can be easily modified to suit your existing paperwork system.

The FSPT is presented in electronic format (CD) with a labelled folder to contain each of the completed sections. A Guidebook is also included to assist in the development of your Food Safety Plan.

In addition, a six (6) month RTS Helpdesk service contract is included in the price of the FSPT to further assist in the development and implementation of your Food Safety Plan.

What if I need help?

Rutherford Technical Services offers the option of full or partial customisation of the FSPT in consultation with key food safety/kitchen staff.

The support programs (Pest Control, Cleaning & Maintenance, etc.) are often already in place and the FSPT allows you to easily include these within the structure of a formal Food Safety Plan, saving you time and money!

However the HACCP part of a Food Safety Plan can be more difficult to undertake alone. Rutherford Technical Services can customise the HACCP Plan section of the FSPT. This provides targeted assistance where it is most often required, and reduces the time that you have to spend in the development of your Food Safety Plan.