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What does Rutherford offer?

Rutherford offers a cost effective and comprehensive range of food techology and consulting SOLUTIONS to give your business the edge on your competitors.

Process Design

From large scale manufacturers to small operations, correct Process Design has a huge impact on your bottom line. Rutherford offers consulting to optimise all resources:

  • floor space

  • equipment

  • labour

  • utilities

Although most effective at the design stage, optimisation can be achieved in established factories. Rutherford integrates new and revised process design into existing systems (HACCP, ISO, etc.). In addition Rutherford provides advice on optimising current operating systems and layouts, without the need for major restructuring.

  • Review of SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) and related processing documentation

  • Review of process flow to ensure optimum quality and food safety outcomes

  • Cost minimisation

  • Review and modification of testing regimes including microbiological (rapid testing, etc.), physical and chemical sampling and testing and ensuring the maximum amount of information is gained through a targeted approach to testing

  • Training and Assessment systems

  • Warehouse and Distribution systems